Why Juneau?

I have had a phrase muttered to me numerous times when people learn that we retired here, why Juneau? People either love it here or hate it. No in betweens. No matter which side of the fence you are on, both want to know, “why WE chose Juneau” My answer can not be summed up in words.. This is my answer

We chose Juneau because its quirky, awesome, small town, a little crunchy, and true Alaskan life. I love the community, and I’m proud to embrace learning more about the Native Alaskan culture that reminds me so much of my own Native Hawaiian. We are all connected. So yeah, I got mushy but despite Juneau’s grayish gloomy exterior there are days like today when its sunny and beautiful. A day like today where I can sit in my own backyard by the waterfall, watching a fire and grubbing on these coconut shrimps. #alaskalife


Lessons learned

Sunny days in Alaska = get up and go outdoors! It is a rare warmer sunny day in this season, I’d like to call spring-ter. (Spring-ter; Spring is trying to crush winter, but winter is not taking the transition well.) That being said, I really wanted to get a family hike in today. Let me explain why this is such an ambitious goal. Family hikes typically consist of Lili complaining of how tired she is, and how her legs are broken, she’s hungry (even if she just ate) and any other excuse she can come up with, all of these excuses are present no matter the climate, Puerto Rico, Alaska etc.

Today, however, I’ve learned that family hikes are successful when everyone has ketones, Lili gets her own Bluetooth earpiece and can jam out to kids bop, Keoni brings binoculars, and if we all wear our yak trax. On this particular day we did everything except the last item, which was critically important and suggested by the 9 year old. Marc and I were disillusioned by the golden ball of warmth in the sky. Big mistake! We had an awesome ice hike/walk on Auke Lake trail with only two falls on the ice by Marc and myself but no real injuries 🙂 It really was a perfect way to end this Spring break laughs and fun had by all! Next time yack trax for all!

#ketoReboot #60hourCleanse

It all started Friday night at 8pm I committed myself to pretty much the hardest challenge ever. First off I’m Hawaiian, I love food, it’s my happy place, my comfort. Yes, psychologically I know that’s not good which is why I knew I could benefit from this. I’ve posted a screenshot of the plan. It seemed hard but doable. Saturday morning I was already doubting myself like “girl forget this mess you can’t do it” then by the afternoon the rumbling subsided a bit, I was still hungry but I tried to keep busy. Here’s the TMI, a good portion of time after I consumed said product was spent cleansing myself in the bathroom. 🤣 I can definitely say my insides are cleansed! No garbage left here. Sunday, and Sunday night/Monday morning was probably the worst night of sleep ever. My body and mind was on rebellion mode, I had to use the bathroom every hour and then woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep from 3am-4am (not cool because I needed to wake up for work at 5:30am) It was rough and I’m sure daylight savings in the middle didn’t help either. I woke up groggy, with the brain capacity of a zombie. I survived till 10am at work, when I ate my first meal of mini egg muffins with Kale and Procissuto. I’m not going to lie it was amazing lol. Overall it was very successful in all regards my appetite is significantly smaller, my tummy is adjusting to solid foods and I feel great. The actual numbers…<drum roll> I lost 4lbs and 2inches off my hips and waist. Again I was not looking for weight loss I was just looking to cleanse but I’m not complaining This reboot certainly was not easy but I’m proud to say I did it! If you want to try our next reboot with me, I’m game. You can follow my fitness journey on FB here Lani, Fitness Coach

The third wheel

Eleven years ago Marc and I met as damaged individuals. We were by no means perfect, but we’ve grown together, learned together, and helped heal each other. We also had a third wheel in our marriage, one that it took me 10 years to understand and master. No one ever realizes when you say I do to someone in the military you say I do to being second. Not second in the eyes of your spouse but second to the entire US government. For some its too much, for the rest of us that fight our way through it, its just another obstacle that we must conquer. We learn the ways, we deal with the pain, we even begin to master it. Holidays and special dates do not hold meanining any more, presence does. We learn to plan and then plan some more and then plan for the new change and then another new one. When we are afforded time together we celebrate everything and everydate we missed due to work travel, a deployment or just late hours at work. We learn to function apart, much longer than we’d want but we have no choice. Then you learn how to live with one another again. It’s a rollercoaster with twists, turns, drops and moments you do not not how you will make it out alive. The best part is when you circle right back to where you started and remember there is nowhere else you’d rather be. Thank you for 10 beautifully messy and amazing years of marriage Marc. Here’s to many more! We are still a work in progress. I love doing life with you!

Adios 2017!

My thoughts on 2017 in the words of my 7 year old going on 17, “it wasnt my favorite!”

The pros: Marc’s active duty life came to an end. We sold our first home and purchased our beautiful home here in Alaska, I began a new chapter working full time with a fabulous practice, the kids loved their new school, we are finally able to put down roots, we made many new friends and got to reconnect with old friends, Marc got his new truck.

The Cons: We miss our friends and family all over the world, and country, so much. Our political climate makes me want throw up, our country in general went 8 years backward 😑.

I digress choose to blessed, #RunningonKetonesandAloha and to make this year better. February is almost done and this post has collectively taken me over 1 month to finish. Why? Because everyday with all the political turmoil going on I have to press reset on my brain and strive to #bebetter and not to just complain. It has been a tough journey and still is but I will not give up on humanity and I will not be silent. I pledge to do everything I can to raise an intelligent, confident, compassionate, young woman whom never doubts she is loved by her family, and I pledge to raise an intelligent, confident, compassionate young man, whom never doubts he is loved by his family. If we were given the opportunity I would pledge to do the same for my step son. So yeah 2018 doesn’t have me optimistic thus far, but I’m choosing to count my blessings, and choose my battles wisely and carefully.


Stickers! Stickers! Everywhere! We just received our final shipment of Household Goods. This shipment was in temporary storage while we were overseas in Puerto Rico. Let’s do the math! It went into storage before we left Puerto Rico and we were in Puerto Rico for two years so this stuff has been in storage for about 3 years. We vaguely remembered what we had and were unable to decifer the misspelled abbreviations of descriptions on the inventory list.  It was like an overwhelming treasure chest of things. Some of these items we were excited to see; our chaise lounge chairs, our bar stools, desks, tv stands etc. Others not so much, a second dinning room table complete with chairs, furniture that should have been left behind period 😉 Matching stickers to the inventory list is a job my children would enjoy, me not so much. My least favorite part is removing said stickers, and or forgetting to remove said stickers. You know you’ve been to a military spouses home when you find brightly colored inventory stickers affixed to random pieces of furniture. It’s always a fun game trying to remember which stickers are from what move and/or which duty station. It’s surreal thinking that this really was our final shipment and final move with the military. It’s a new feeling putting down real roots but I’m happy to be here. I love my job and I love our awesome community in Juneau. If you need me I’ll be removing stickers and actually planning our future 😉

Life gets in the way

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. There have been so many new changes in life and adjustments to a……dare I say it? permanent home. It still makes me giggle that Juneau was our first tour and I came here kicking and screaming in 2009. I even left with a break up letter that I’m sure you can still read here in my blog. Eight years later and three tours later I’ve embraced this beautiful city with open arms. I love it here. I’m ready to enjoy a slower paced life. Im ready for a 10 min 6 mile commute to work and school. I’m ready for a big beautiful home. Most of all I’m ready to put down roots where we already had some started. Don’t get me wrong the daylight and sunlight situation combined with the snow can be hard but it’s a welcome change. Juneau has also upped it’s food scene tremendously since our last tour and it stole this Hapa girls heart with the ability to buy poke at the store or a loco moco at the breeze Inn. Yes food is life and my life is full!

With tomorrow being thanksgiving I’m reminded of how thankful I am for so much wonderful things in my life. I’m also reminded that this is the second thanksgiving without my grandmother and its a tough pill to swallow but I’ll pot my glass of BlackBerry wine and send a toast to her and all my loved ones in hopes that they are celebrating too. I’ve renamed this holiday because I don’t want to affiliate myself with the horrible true roots of thanksgiving, it’s now Friendsgiving! A day for all family and friends together, experience culture through food and stuff themselves silly 😁 I know, I know it’s not an original name but the easiest to promote right now! Wishing you all a great holiday weekend and if you’re interested in supporting small businesses I have a few

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